My all hdd are primary pertition

I have two HD in my computer and have total five pertition in two HD. Bootable HD have three and other HD have two pertition. But all pertition are marked as Healthy (Primary Pertition). Even I cant Creat another drive in my 500 GB HD. Please solve the problem of my PC. I have windows 7 OS.
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  1. what is the problem exactly? sounds like you already have all of your HDD space partitioned up. Obviously you can't create another partition when there is no blank space left for one.

    If you want another partition then you going have to resize your current partition.
  2. If you have 4 primary's on the 1 drive and only 1 on the other and you're using MBR then you might have hit the limit. MBR can have a max of 4 primary partitions.
  3. Both are correct. You would need to shrink your last parttition on the drive or delete it, then you can create an extended (not primary) partition, then you can create logical drives in the extended partition.
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