HD 5770 Win 7 64 bit issues resolved?


Anyone know if the issue of errors with Win7 64 and the HD5770 drivers fixed?

Im buying soon and this would greatly affect my decision.

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  1. According to this post, yes and no.
    luke2010 said:
    Doing a new system rollout of 27 PC's all with Gigabyte 5770's. Computers are just being used primarily for Office use and a bit of Kingdom use. So far 4 of the cards are experiencing issues and i'm only half way through the rollout. Some don't work with two monitors, others are getting the blue screen crashes with vertical lines. All PC's are the exact same build Gigabyte P55-UD3, Corei5 750, 8GB DDR3 Kingston Value RAM, 550W Gigabyte Superb PS with Win 7 64bit and Catalyst 10.1.

    In each case i swap the card with a new 5770 and the problems go away. I think there are just a lot of bad cards which looks really bad for AMD/ATI.
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