The CPU critical temperature of phenom 920

When we talk abot critical temperature do we refer to T-case temperature or T-junction temperature.
Under load my T-Junction temperature reaches around 58 whereas the T-case temperature reaches 45.
is it safe to use the cpu under such temperatures or should i get a better stck cooler

The ambient temperetaure is ariund 35 degrees in my place.
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    The Tcase max of that CPU is 55-62C. As for the TJ max of any cpu, I have yet to find a place where I can get that information. I have scoured AMD and Intel's datasheets with no luck.

    Therefore everyone who mentions a max temperature is referring to the Tcase max. The TJmax would likely be near or over 100C.

    In general, I prefer to keep my CPU temps below 60C. You are perfectly fine.
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