Could someone help me connect to my sisters computer?

I live about 60 miles from my sister who often needs help with her computer. Most things I can walk her thru on the phone but somethings I cant explain... I cant afford to keep driving over there to perform 5 min tasks like installing flash player so that youtube works or ensuring that her windows updates are installed regularly.

Can someone recommend a free way to see and control her computer from my own? The absence of netmeeting is killing me! I am ruinning Windows 7 x64 she is running Windows Vista x64 we both have strong internet connections.

Please help! I have tried using windows remote desktop but I cant figure it out. Could I get some suggestions to other free software or possibly a tutorial on how to use remote desktop?
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  1. Have a look on the shareware site -- CNET, MajorGeeks -- there may be some remote support products worth testing out.
  2. Free Version
  3. netmeeting was soooo easy on windows xp... anyway to get that back on vista and 7?
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