Is 64gb SSD good enough for OS + apps?

Hi Guys,

Would a crucial 64gb SSD enough for the following:
- Win 7 x64
- drivers
- AV
- Skyrim

I want to feel the speed of SSD however I don't have the luxury of spending that much.

For those who are using SSDs within 60-64gb capacity, how many free spaces do you have left after all the installation?

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  1. im using 80gb and its difficult to make things fit :)
    go get 120, of at least 80
  2. i use a 128gb drive.but short answer is yes.
    BTW corsair force GT 90GB SSD is just $145-
  3. i use a 60 GB (55.8 formated) and i have ~30GB free after installing W7-64bit and my apps. if you want to add a game or two go for the 80+ GB SSD
  4. that won't cut it believe me. if it's just os and 1-2 games yeah maybe.

    take mine for example, old 80gb intell ssd, win7 with battlefield3 and some other stuff, mind you bf3 is around 27gb already and with additional dlc (1-2 i think) down the pipe for next year.
    get a least a 120/128
  5. I think you won´t have any problem installing the OS, and Skyrim on a 64GB SSD! :)
  6. You could probably get by with that, but don't you think you'll want to install some other games on your drive down the road?

    I'm living on a OCZ Vertex 4 with 128 GB, and I feel a little cramped for space.
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