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I am a photographer. www.haringphotography.com

I need a PC which is fast and can do picture post processing easily.

I am thinking about what setup I should have; i3, i5, i7, core quad, etc...????

Please advise me what motherboard and CPU to get. I guess I need 8GB Ram memory...
I am planning to buy the PC on ebay and I dont't want to spend more than $700.
I don't need sound card, etc. I just need a fast pc for the picture batch processing....

I have no idea how to choose....

I can help you with cameras....

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  1. I don't see the need for a high end build for those tasks. You'd be fine with an Athlon IIx3 and 8GB of memory (assuming very larch pictures).

    To get a better idea though, what kind of picture processing? What operating system will you run? What programs will you use?

    Why would you buy it from ebay? Also, if you aren't building it yourself or having it custom built, you won't have much choice with the motherboard.
  2. I agree with a processor such as an Athlon IIx3 or even x4. For heavy editing the 8gb will help out with multiple programs.

    Sounds like all you need is almost a basic store bought pc. Is this why you're looking on ebay?
  3. I'm sure you have a good reason to buy it from e-bay, so I won't question that. But if you'r from US, newegg is the way to go.
    I assume you will be using apps like Photoshop, ACDSee, etc. Now the i7s run these applications very fast, but your budget doesn't allow a full blown i7 build.
    This might float your boat -

    Now this isn't the best that can be had for $700. But then, E-Bay's not the best place to buy stuff.
  4. Any reasonable processor these days will run the photoshop products well enough. I even run photoshop on my little laptop that is just a step above a netbook.

    The biggest requirement with photoshop is ram. My photoshop runs fine with 4GB of ram. The biggest image I am processing is from a Nikon D300. If you have significantly larger images then you need to investigate if you should go with more than 4GB of ram and a 64bit OS.

    The other thing a photographer should have is secure storage. If you don't have a network to store your images on then you should have multiple hard drives to copy images to. You could have one in the computer and some external drives, or have more than one mounted inside of the computer.
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