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I was on the fence about upgrading from my H60 push/pull to reach 4.5Ghz without going over 75c. Well I officially am Oced to 4.5Ghz with a H60 in push/pull!

I used a generic 120mm fan with 79.x cfm as my second fan. This however wasn't working alone. So I cleaned off the cpu and H60 plate and applied artic silver 5. I also had some thin rubber sheets laying around so I used a 120mm fan to make a template of it on the rubber sheet. I made two gaskets that made it so the air couldn't leak from between the rad and fans. These two steps worked for me.

After 30m of prime95-64bit version my temps on realtemp 3.70 are 70c/73c/72c/66c. I decided 30m was enough as I kept seeing the temp peak at 73c and then drop to 71c. It should also be noted my house is kept at 73f with 50% humidity.

My case has two 120mm 79.x cfm fans intake in front, two exhaust with rad, and 140mm intake on top (unknown cfm)
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  1. all of that was easily available in the watercooling sticky and its closed loop cooling section :)
  2. And I'd be more impressed if I knew what chip you were cooling :-)
  3. :lol: a very brilliant observation!
  4. Cooling an i5-3570k
  5. Thats a nice result on a single Aio rad man, I look forward to you joining us on the real loop front someday :)
  6. hahaha, that will be expected :)
  7. Thank you.
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