WindowXP WILLNOT install disk prog.EPSON Stylus color 640

Hello,My WinXP will not allow Epson Stylus color 640 program disk installation. My computer has been upgraded & SHOULD BE
2000 READY. I am very poor and
I HOPE you are cheap or FREE.
Anyway can this problem be solved
without earacing my whole computer.
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  1. Microsoft says the drivers for your printer are included on the WinXP installation CD. Connect the printer to your OC, turn it on. Then turn your PC on. WinXP should "Found new hardware." Insert your WinXP installation CD, and have the Hardware installer look on the CD for the drivers.

    If that doesn't work, try the drivers for Win NT 4.0.
  2. I have the same printer and the Epson driver install without problem on Windows XP for me. Try installing the latest version of Windows installer from the Microsoft site.
  3. try both the latest xp updates from the microsoft website ad the latest drivers for ur printer from the epson site. hope this helps!
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