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hi,i got asus a8jr laptop which when launched shocked everyone since its equipped with radeon x 2300.have been serving me for 6 years the hdd is dead.i would like to replace it with ssd,corsair force gt 60 gb to be exact.but during my research i cant find any option inside the bios to change ide to question is:
-is it possible to turn on the ahci setting through registry?
-is trim still supported,since afaik corsair embed the trim capability inside the firmware?
-in percentage how much i would get the incresing in performance,is it worthed than buying a netbook?
-how much impact to the performance by keep the sata setting in ide?
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  1. AHCI depends on your SATA controller. If you don't have it, you don't have it.

    TRIM needs the OS to support it.

    It will load OS, games and program faster but that's it. Won't really have an effect on game's framerate or performance issue due to insufficient CPU, RAM and GPU.

    Not so much on the seek time and random read/write, but sequential read/write will be hit big time.
  2. i found in wikipedia that my laptop sata controller support ahci,it was ich 7m,cant find it inside the bios by installing win7 i will be able to activate trim regardless my sata controller(ide/ahci)
  3. Can you post screen of the bios?
  4. unfortunaly i bro took it to the shop.only to find the hdd is busted and havent retrieve it yet
  5. what to do then,shall i stick with ordinary hdd or switch to ssd?
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