Silent graphics card for Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 mobo

Hello all!

Was perhaps thinking of the Gigabyte GV-N98TSL-1GI ?

Has anyone else bought this card and had any good/bad experiences??

Or perhaps is there a cheaper silent card which will be better for me - I don't game at all, but have multiple music programs open to create/compose music.

I am trying to keep the pc as silent as possible - do graphics cards actually make that much noise??!

Thanks folks!! :sol:

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  1. HD5450 is fanless, and $50. Yes, graphics cards have a tendency to get loud.
  2. Thanks Shadow187 for you speedy response - much appreciated!

    Is that the Radeon XFX HD 5450 512MB SDDR3 your'e talking about??

    I had thought I should go for a 1GB card, and I've noticed the card has 256bits and a higher clock speed.

    Will this make much difference?? I guess unless I'm gaming I would be just wasting money on these cards??
  3. If you intend to do no gaming whatsoever, go with the HD5450. But for some light/casual gaming, just get an HD5570. Both cards are quite silent, while the 5570 packs quite a bit more punch for just $35 more.
  4. Cheers again!!

    Looking at those two, I think the HD5450 will do everything that I need - and it's fanless so I think that one is the winner!

    Thanks again!

    This is my 1st posting on Tom's, can't believe I got some great advice so quick!

    :sol: :sol: :sol: :sol:
  5. I'm just a kid with too much time (at least until I get a job/GF, :bounce:).
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