Does Anybody Recognise This Case?

All I really want is a brand name.
Its an old Pc case that i have had since like 2001, i have had good experiences with it, its good quality and has relatively good cooling.
I'm not really expecting anyone to recognize it but i thought i would just enquire. It has a logo on the front that Has a Globe with What i would call planets orbiting it

Here are some photos






Thanks in advance to Any replies :D
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  1. Whatever it is its old with all those 80 mm fans but kinda looks I bet its loud when its on probably sounds like a wind tunnel with all those little fans. Can you post a picture of a close up of the emblem on the front above the lower fan.
  2. Yes its very old and beat up... its running my old setup but i still think it was a really good case for its day. It sounds more like a WW2 dogfight than a wind tunnel ;)

    Your wish is my command

    Excuse my bad photography.
    I'm a gamer not a photographer :whistle:
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    I've seen that logo before I just cant remember what it was.
  4. It's OK Thanks for trying...
    Ill Select you as the best answer Tomz

    If nothing else comes up
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  6. it looks like either a compucase or aopen design
  7. ^ thanks but i think ive pretty much given up at this point in time.
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