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I am using two system to edit 1080p HD video via Pinnacle Studio 14. One is an Intel Q9400 OC'd to 3.2 Ghz and one is AMD 955BE OC'd to 3.6 Ghz.

Using the same exact 15 second clip, adding a slo mo effect, and then rendering to a Windows Media HD file, I noticed in task manager that the 4 cores in the AMD varies and continously fluctuates from 80% to 20% load. Usually Core 1 stays at 70-80% while the three other cores go between 20-50%. Meanwhile the 4 cores in Intel Q9400 stays all even at near 90% to 95%. Obviously, the Q9400 even at lower clock speed finishes faster.

Is this due to a hardware based situation, that AMD's 955BE isn't as efficient as Intel's?

Or is the software optimized only for Intel CPUs?

Appreciate any advice, tips....
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  1. Same operating system ? RAM speeds and size?

    Intels are known to carry slightly more RAW processing power in the type of situation you are doing but they shouldn't be to far off from each other.
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