Need a CPU cooler for a 196mm case

I use a NZXT Lexa S (189mm wide)wanted to put a 160mm TRUE but i'm not sure if it will fit my case, thought the side window will give me some extra sapce but still i'm not what should be the height of the CPU cooler that i can stuff in my case, i don't mind if it touches the windows....

1) should be silent but not at the cost of performance...i did like the Noctua NF-P12-1300.

2)Please tell me if TRUE will fit my case and if not, whats the maximum size of the cooler i can stuff in
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    Since it sounds like you have the case already, measure this distance from the top of the CPU to the case window w/ a tape measure. If it's less than 6 and 5/16th inches, it will fit.

    inches x 25.4 = mm
  2. First of all THANK YOU !! Yes i do have the case. I did measure it and i got 6.2/6.3 incges till the end of the case excluding the window (i can't check that i have to hold the tape.....but with the window i guess it will fit....
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