NVidia Quadro FX 350M

I have a mobile workstation at work (dell m65) running xp on a nvidia qudro fx 350m. I would like to use it for personal use but I am a windows 7 lover. I believe this graphic card is Directx9 so I wonder if it will be able to run 7 with aero which I have grown fond of...

Is my theory true? Will I need to leave it on xp or can it run 7 with aero?

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  1. it will be able to run Win 7 with aero, remember, the ATI 5xxx series cards are the only DX11 cards out there, and they just came out right around the same time Win 7 did.

    I was running Win 7 on an ATI x1300 video card, hope that explains it for ya :)
  2. just clarifying, aero doesn't need directx10 to run?

    and thanks :)
  3. this may help... there may be one for Win 7 as well, but look for it, you should get your answer...

  4. I'm replying to this thread from my Dell M65 with FX350M with Windows7 Ultimate 64bit and have been running that for as long as the first Bèta was out :-) No problems here, Aero(-peek) is working ... I'd say: Go for it! :-)
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