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I recently bought a Lamptron FC2 fan speed controller ( It's pretty nice but it has some problems. First (and I knew this going in) there's no speed readout. Like I said, I knew that an ddidn't think it would be a problem but I'm finding it would be very helpful. Second, it really doesn't seem to work well. When you turn the knobs about 1/2 way down, the fans stop completely. It's very hard to tell how fast they are moving.

Anyway, I had originally considered one of the controllers that has readouts but they either could not control 6 or more fans or they were clearly JUNK. I know I should be able to plug my fans into the motherboard and use "speedfan" to control them but that doesn't seem to work either. I've read that it's not always reliable. So it occurred to me that someone out there might make an add on card that could go in one of the motherboard slots. It would have several places to plug in 3 or 4 pin fans and you could control the speeds via the card's driver software. Sounds kind of nice, eh? I can't find one. Seems logical that someone's got one. Anyone know of any such animal?
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  1. Its possible but the card would need molex power to do this; there's now way it could power that many fans off the bus. I don't know of any offhand.
  2. Sure, I'd expect that but lots of video cards need way more power than the bus can provide and use PCIe connectors right off the PSU. Seems like you could do something similar with a fan controller. Run a power connector to it and the card could have a dozen fan connectors.
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