Tubing: Compression Fittings Vs. Clamps

Compression fittings are easy to assembly with your liquid cooling But as tubing heats (there is transfer over time from liquid/water to tube) it will eventually will shrink leading to leakage.

In that case is it better to go for clamps or compression fittings. That's they only drawback so far about CF(compression fittings).Any suggestions?

PS:First time WC in future so I will get all my ideas sorted out.

Thanks. :wahoo:
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  1. IMO compression fittings are more for looks, I use barbed fittings and hose clamps.
  2. I much prefer compression fittings personally
    Never had one leak , Barbs and Clamps can cause hoses to split if too tight.
    Compression fittings are easier to use in tight spaces or angles where you cannot tighten a clamp
  3. Tubing doesn't get hot, and certainly not hot enough to alter the composition of the tubing to cause wear or cracks. If tubing goes bad it's typically due to UV exposure or over-tightening of fittings or components.

    I also use barbs- cheaper and work just as well. Like 4ryan6 mentioned, they are well suited for good looks in a case, but they are actually just specialized barbs with a screw down ring for securing the tubing vs. using a clamp of some sort.
  4. Thanks to all for straightening it out. I saw it over a website and well was a bit worried.

    Thanks everyone.
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