Problems with CPU temps

Im currently having issues with my desktop computer and the temperature of my CPU.

the hardware im using is;

Abit aw9d mobo
ati radeon power colour 4850 1gb
6gb of ddr2 ram at 800mhz
intel q6600 quad core 2.4ghz
two 320 gb harddrives a maxtor and a western digital
900watt psu

The temperatures for my cpu is being read at 60deg on idle in bios according to the built in uguru software on the mobo. I have tried putting in another cpu a single core at 2.8ghz and that was running at 70deg :shock:

After checking the voltage levels being put into the cpu i notcied it was overclocked, i can't remember the exact figures but it wasn't what it should have been normally. This could explain why the cpu was reading at such a high deg but i am not 100% sure as to the touch there was no way the heatsink was at this temperature or anywhere near it, more like 30-40deg and with a temp gun it read at 35deg (not that reliable though as they dont work great on shiny surfaces) I tried with a water cooling system and with a low profile aluminium fan and there was little difference between the two.

I first thought that the uguru readings where inaccurate as i have previously said when touching the heatsink it was no way near that temperature and the system had been running for under 1 minute.
When trying to install windows 7 it would keep freezing from 1-2 minutes after it started loading, there was also a heat sensor alarm triggered making a beeping noise.

Before all this started i had the system running for around two years at an idel temp of 40-50 and when playing eve or other games a temp of 55-68.
This would have been using the settings on the mobo that had it overclocked so i am a bit worried if my cpu is now shot and i will need to get a new one or not.

tldr: cpu been overclocked with out knowing for two years and is now running very hot am i likely to need a new one?
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  1. try HW monitor to check the temps, pretty precise readings.
    also, in the bios there should be a way to reset everything to defaults, if the voltage is higher than normal, thats the reason for the extra heat.
  2. I doubt you need a new CPU. The Q has a max temp of 70.1C I believe, but I'd take a look at your BIOS setting like JDV said. My Q is at 32C idle right now, and it's clocked to 3.2Ghz.
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys, i assume the HW monitor is this

    Since i posted my original question i thought about the problem a bit more and considered that the uguru program might be giving false figures.

    Originally i managed to boot into ubuntu which was allready installed on my second hdd, i was going to load it up again then leave the computer to play a dvd and see if it could, if this works i would imagine that the dvd drive is ok, i might also try running a different version of windows 7 installation disk just incase the disk i was originally using was faulty, even though i doubt this would explain the computer locking up. Is it worth me doing all of this or are these un likely to do anything for my problem?

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