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Im new to building pc's, and a month ago when i tried putting my new pc together, it would not start up at all. After going through all the suggested things to try to a pc that does not boot, and none of it working, i had no other options then to just put all the parts i bought away and forget about it.

But one thing i remembered just today is that the SYS_FAN labeled pins on my board had nothing on it, so basically i forgot to plug anything there.

So i just wanted to know if that can be a reason why it was not booting at all before i pull all the parts out and try to put it toghether again?
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  1. its hard to say as to why its not booting, it might be that you forgot to feed power to one of the components or you might forgot to connect front panel power/reset/hd led to the motherboard headers...sys_fan is one of the headers you can plug your case fan to...there should be cpu_fan header there too and you would connect the cpu heatsink fan to that
  2. You have to have something in the CPU_FAN on a lot of motherboards.

    Here's a list of things I would check.

    Switch on back of power supply
    Power button from case to motherboard
    Power connectors from power supply to motherboard (4 or 8 pin as well if you have it)
    PCI-Express 6-8 pin connectors for graphics cards

    The biggest thing people have trouble with when building their first PC is the front panel header and making sure they have the power/reset buttons correctly connected. So make absolutely sure you have the power button pins hooked up correctly!
  3. thanks for the info guys. i'm going to put it all back together and plug the system fan in and hope for the best.

    plus, i should mention i tried to short the power pins already and still got nothing, so i think i can rule out not connecting the front panel cables correctly?
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