How is the raidmax agusta case when it comes to watercooling

So i wanna go for a themed design on my pc for the very first time :). i wanted a mecha/futuristic styling to the case without having to do a lot of modding. on case that really struck me was the Raidmax Agusta now, for the life of me, i cannot find any video reviews or any kind of INTERNAL dimensions to see if it would be suitable for watercooling. I'm using a small radiator, a stealth gts 240 black ice. so it shouldn't take up too much space. does anyone have this case that can lend me some insight?
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  1. That's a really old radiator and Danger Den is now out of business. There are better 240 rads out there for the same price.

    Your case link just goes to a section with several case listings.

    What are you planning to cool?

    that is the exact link of the radiator i have, im not sure if danger den actually makes it still or not >.> what im cooling though is an amd phenom x6 1100t. as for the case link im not sure why it just goes to a result page :/ so ill try and post another link, see if it works.
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