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i just got a radeon hd 5850 for my custom build today and installed the massive card into my build and all i got was a non stop beep.My mobo is a ECS A790GXM-A motherboard with a phenom ii x4 920 cpu as long as 8gb ddr2 800mhz ram and Ultra x3 850 watt power supply to run it off of.i also have 2 fan controllers running off the same power supply(nzxt century 2).if anyone can help with what is wrong i would appriciate it.i talked with another forum and they said that it sounded like the fan is bad.i do not want to go through the headache of returning but will if i have too.

Please Respond ASAP

It is a Visiontek
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    Is the card firmly seated in the slot? Are both the 6-pin power cables properly and firmly connected to the GPU?
  2. i put the second 6 pin in and now it is running just fine without the beep but know i can not tell if the fan is running.i look at it from the bottom and it looks like the fan on the gpu is running but i do not feel alot of air coming out the back.
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  4. Glad it is working. Download GPU-Z here, and install it. Open to the Sensors tab, and you can find the fan speed in percent.
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