P965 stopped working .. no idea

I've have a computer with a P965 motherboard that I've had up and running for a while now. Inexplicitally, I had it freeze up last night and when I rebooted, I get nothing past the power coming on.

The hard drives power, but nothing else seems to work (get nothing though the video card, get no POST beeps, etc.)aside from the fan on the power supply. I have the 4 LED module plugged in and it gives me 2 red lights on top and 2 green on bottom (manual says that it is "Initializing Hard Drive Controller - This will initialize IDE drive and

The 2 red/2 green lights appear on the diagnostic module as soon as the power is turned on .. there are no other LED combinations displayed.

I've rechecked connections and reseated cards/chips ... not sure where I should even start looking at this point.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like your PSU's died.
    What is the brand of the PSU?

    And please post your full specifications.
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