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I recently installed an SSD (OCZ Agility 3 120gb); the installation process gave me a lot of hell, but I was able to get Windows 7 installed on it and everything. I use two 1tb WD Caviar Blacks for storage purposes in conjunction with the SSD that acts as my (C:) drive. My bios is set to AHCI mode and all three Hard drives are recognized. The problem is this: If I disable the two HDDs in the boot sequence, my SSD being the first boot priority, the computer will not boot. The message I get is something similar to "Insert a media bootable device" something to that matter. If I keep my HDDs in the boot sequence, Windows 7 will boot 80% of the time. During 20% of the time, Windows begins to boot, then restarts, and gives me Windows Startup Recovery, which always ends in an error (Do not send error report) and asks me to restore to a previous time, which I decline. When the computer is working fine and booted, My Computer looks as it should: OCZ SSD (C:) 68gb free of 111GB, WD1 925gb free, WD2 830gb free). But why then do I get windows startup errors 1/5th of the time? When I try to boot only from my SSD, it won't. My computer seems to REQUIRE my other two storage HDDs to boot, as if they are the ones that have windows on them.
Can anyone tell me what may be going on? I appreciate your time greatly.

Some information: My SSD is in a Hot-swap bay drive, with SATA III 6gb/s connectors. My HDDs are using 6gb/s SATA to SATA II.
Mobo: Asrock Fatal1ty P67 UEFI
CPU: 17-2600K
RAM: Gskill Sniper 8gb OC 1866
GPU: Asus GTX580
SSD Firmaware is up-to-date.

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  1. It sounds like your SRP (system reserved partition) is on one of the HDDs. You can fix that by creating a system repair disk -- just type that into the start box and follow the wizard directions to make the cd.

    Just create a blank 100mb partition on the end of disk 0 (the SSD), then shutdown, disconnect all the other hard drives, insert your system repair disk and restart -- then you will build an SRP on the 100mb blank partition, which will fix your issue.

    The easiest way to prevent this in the future is to disconnect all other HDDs when you do a Windows 7 install other than the drive where you want the SPR and OS.
  2. Thank you for the reply, Realbeast.

    It seems that you are right, but I tinkered with it myself and got it working. I disconnected the HDDs during the original SSD's installation, but not their data cables (I don't know if this makes a difference). Now, I attempted a Startup Repair with my HDDs disconnected and my SSD with the win 7 disc. There were no errors. It, oddly enough, booted fine without the other HDDs. The only thing I changed was that I gave my SSD a direct power sources instead of connecting it with my fan's molexes. But now everything seems to working fine, even with the HDDs disabled in the boot sequence. It's strange but I fixed it somehow.

    Thank you for your time, my friend.
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