A hurricane system I own has a problem,

Hello, I have a Hurricane system i am fixing for a friend but it starts up on the POST screen and then reaches the XP BOOT screen but then suddenly restarts, i have tested the RAM and Hard drive but none of those are the issues, so i figure its the mother board or CMOS as it gives a CMOS error at the POST screen. Anyone know what could be the problem? Sorry i dont know where my posts should be so i just put them here, sorry for the inconvience.

Additional details
Motherboard, : ASROCK P4VM800
Processor: intel celeron D 2.26 GHz

anything else you need i should be able to provide it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you install the latest BIOS available for the motherboard.? If it is a CMOS error then you might as well try changing the motherboard battery..
  2. My father booted the it and did what i did over again and it just worked, it might stop working again but i have no clue what went wrong with it or if something is wrong still..
    I know nothing about the CMOS , how would i go about changing the CMOS battery? and how expensive are they?
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