Taking the ssd casing off to save space!!

Has anyone done this before, it seems that it will be fine without it. If so, I plan on mounting with some standoffs.
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  1. As long as it is electrically isolated to avoid any shorts with the standoffs there should be no issue.
  2. I was hoping to use mb standoff's. Are you saying that they pose a potential threat? Maybe I'll find some plastic spacers.
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    No, those standoffs should work fine -- they shouldn't be any more of a problem with shorts than they are with motherboards. It is unlikely that just the bare drive would short to the surface it is laid on, but you are better off with the standoffs to make sure it doesn't short. You would even be okay by just laying the drive on a sheet of plastic, although I like to secure all my drives so they don't move around when the computer is moved.
  4. By the way, this for a 1.8in ssd since,they don't have mounting brackets for them. I'm making a custom mini case and do not want to use Velcro to mount it. So hopefully this works.
  5. I would think that it should work fine. I don't like Velcro either, grabs dust bunnies and holds the drive too tightly when you try to remove them.
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