Which motherboard for new hd6870?

Hi all,

I will be building a new system soon, as I have waited long enough for the new ati hd 6000 series. The new system will have a I7 950 at it`s heart and I will prob crossfire two 6870`s. I need help choosing from the following motherboards asus sabertooth x58, gigabyte x58 udr3 or is it worth jumping to a asus rampage 3 formula or msi big bang. Iam new at OCing but would like to push to 4ghz.

Thanks alot guys
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    I would go with the ASUS sabertooth X58. It will be able to reach a 4 GHz overclock at the best cost... IMO
  2. ^+1 Asus is a good choice. And the Sabertooth isn't a bad board either. =) Good luck mate!
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