Vertical Lines At Shutdown ONLY

System Specs:
Asus m4a79t Deluxe
xfx ati 5850
amd phenomii x4 965BE
4gb ocz memory 8-8-8-24
850w corsair psu
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

I've had this problem for a while now and i've run out of ways to try to fix it. Here's a little backstory on how this came to happen. When I first built my system, everything was fine. I then started to get the HTSF error on shutdown. I updated my bios and all was well temporarily. Now instead of getting the HTSF error and being unable to shutdown correctly, vertical lines just appear on the screen and hang forever. I have to hard power off or reset my computer. Once the computer is restarted, it will shutdown fine. It seems to only happen after my computer has been on for a longer period of time (over 6 hours). I've gotten every update ATI has offered, even the hotfix to fix the vertical lines. This only occurs during shutdown, but it still annoys me to have to shutdown my computer twice.

I have a feeling it has something to do with the 5850 because of all the recent catalyst updates and hotfixes.

PS. Nothing is overclocked and everything is at stock settings.
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  1. Have you checked to make sure another BIOS hasn't been posted very recently?
  2. i have the newest BIOS for the mobo (2304)
  3. Resent your bios to factory settings, delete all of your previous Cat Drivers and restart PC in safe mode then install Cat10.2 and see what happens. If you still receive the problem try a fresh install of windows- it's a B***H i know but i could be your best bet. Mind you it could also be your card - I had to RMA 4 faulty 5870's before i received a working one. You can test the hardware with a Vram stress test!
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