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My Outlook 2002 SP3, under Win XP SP3, did until recently, ask for a password when opening Outlook and again when accessing the mail PoP Server. Now it only asks for the password when connecting to the PoP Server. Outlook opens and displays saved mail.
I want the ability, which I did have until recently, to require a password at opening Outlook 2002 and again when sending/receiving email so no one using my account can get into my Outlook mail. This is because I have several kids using my account for just Internet and/or on-board simple games under my XP account log-on name but not having access to my email account Outlook.

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  1. I finally answered my own inquiry on pass-wording Outlook2002 in Win XP Pro SP3.

    Open Outlook
    Right-click "Outlook Today - [Personal Folders]", and then click Properties For "Personal Folders" on the shortcut menu.
    On the General tab, click Advanced.
    Click Change Password.
    In the Change Password dialog box, type your new password and verify it by typing it a second time.
    Make sure that the "Save this password in your password list" check box is cleared (not checked). This prevents the password from being cached. You will need to type it each time you run Outlook.
    After you have entered the password successfully, click OK three times through closing of information boxes.

    Now the big question still remains; "how did it get changed in the first place?".
    Outlook was previously set to require a password when opening the application Outlook and again when accessing the PoP server for the email, aka 'sending/receiving'. I had forgotten how to set the password because once set I had used this procedure for many years of entering a password twice to get email. This enables us old folks the retention ability of remembering passwords.

    I will leave this posted so as to maybe help other 'old' folks.
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