PC Freezing Randomly

Hello Geeks!

I have serious and annoying problem with my computer, for more than month now.

I'll start with my system:

MSI K9N nForce 570 SLI Platinum
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Asus Geforce 8800GTS 640MB
320GB Sata HDD + 2x 1TB USB External HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate x32

Problems with my system started when I have installed new SATA DVD-RW ROM. On first run my computer wasn't loading at all, after some time and playing with BIOS I managed to load it. That problem with startup sorted out but now what's happening I can't understand.

Computer loading much longer than usual, for around 30-40 mins it's loading on BIOS screen (logo) then there is a long delay before starting Windows.

Few times per day it just freezes randomly no matter what I do, leave it idle, browsing web, etc. It doesn't restart or shutdown itself. Just freezes and the screen is still on I can see desktop or whatever what was on screen before freezing. Keyboard is not working as well as mouse.

Even Viewer doesn't show anyting.
Memtest86+ was running for more than 10 hours - 0 errors.
I switched SATA channels and cables a lot of times.
All dust and dirt is cleaned from all fans, radiators, etc.
I've tried reinstalling drivers, formatting PC twice, tried x64 and x86 versions of Windows.

I've noticed that before freezing, computer start acting strange. Folders or any buttons on screen stop working, as well as keyboard keys, but I can still move mouse for around 5-10 seconds and than it freezes completely. Manual reset button is only way to restart it.

I am suspecting GPU or PSU, maybe even MB, but I am want to have more opinions from someone with more experience.

I've tried to be as clear as possible, but if there is anything else you need to know just tell me.


Sorry for english errors ;)
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  1. you pretty much did most the troubleshooting you can... do you have another hard drive to test? at this point I would suggest hard drive or motherboard.. but hard drive first... i supposed psu as well.... but I would start with the easiest and go from there
  2. The easiest thing to do is to "undo" your last change prior to the crashes - remove the SATA DVD-RW. Then since you messes with the BIOS, reset it to default or auto.

    Then check your system, Prime 95, Cinebench, Furmark, do a few stress test. If no crashes, install the SATA DVDS again in a different port.
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