Cooling advice please

Hi I'm a long time user first time builder looking for some cooling advice

My spec:

Xigmatek Midgard II case
MSI Twin Frozr III HD7950
Asus P8z77-v-pro
I5 3570k @stock with Arctic I 30 cpu cooler (MX4 Thermal Paste)
Samsung 830 120GB SSD
Seagate 1TB Barracuda

I have 2x Xigmatek fans that came with the case one front intake and one back exhaust, and I have 2x Gelid Silent 12 fans on side intake and top exhaust just behind the cpu cooler, I have used Asus Fan Xpert 2 to set the case fans so that they come on 100% at fairly low temps
It is fairly warm in the room the comp is situated in around 23-25 degrees most of the time.

I started to overclock the graphics card with MSI Afterburner up to 960mhz with the memory @1300mhz I was taking it slow moving up in 10mhz blocks until the temps started getting to a level I was a bit uncomfortable with, around 75-79c. with the Twin Frozr at 100% after 15 mins in MSI Kombuster although there were no artifacts and it was completely stable.

CPU temps using Real Temp are acceptable(I think) 29-34 c idle and up to 70c max under Prime95 Blend after 30 mins, but I would like to see them a little lower as I do intend to O/C after a year or so

So my questions:

1.How much louder is a 140mm fan then a 120 mm and how much more effective?

2.Would getting a performance fan on the side intake just over the Graphics card and on the front exhaust make much difference to the temperatures of it, and my CPU?

3. If I replaced the 2 intake fans and used the Xigmatek preinstalled fans as exhaust would it be bad for airflow? I read somewhere saying that its better to have slightly more intake.

4. I moved my HDD's to the bottom cage and removed the middle one because it allowed me to manage my cables much better, the front exhaust fan was previously blowing directly onto them, is it majorly bad for them to be too hot? Because obviously with them out of the way much more air is free to go to the back of the case and the graphics card/cpu .

5. I was considering eventually buy a fan controller as there is space for 8 fans in the case and the Asus mobo only has 4 fan headers. Would filling out my case with fans have a big effect on temps, or is it minimal and not really worth it?

Thanks for reading I'll be interested to hear any advice at all.
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  1. Ok... First the larger the fan the less noise it will make at a certain amount of airflow. So a 120mm at 100CFM@2500RPM is going to be a LOT louder than say a 200mm at 100CFM@1400rpm. So generic rule without going about looking at higher performance/silence fans is the larger the fan; the quieter operation for the same airflow.

    Intaking more air will cause a "certain" path of airflow and help reduce dust intake within the case. This keeps the case from pulling more air out than it is bringing in. When this happens it can actually bring air in from extra vents, poor sealed sides, and I've even seen where it's dropped good airflow and raised temperatures inside the case.

    Most hard drives today are made to sit idle in a medium temperature case. I wouldn't worry about them too much unless you know for a fact they are getting over 50-60C in temperature.

    Depends on the situation with the airflow of the case. The faster you replace the hot air in the case with cool air from outside the better. While you may only drip a single degree from being at 4 fans when going to 8, there are occasions where the gains could be worth it.

    Honestly, I love big fans anymore. I have 3x 230mm fans that provide the airflow in my case. One in front, one on the side, and one on the top. The other three fans are a pair of 120mm high performance fans on my Hyper212 and a 140mm fan pulling the heat out from behind the two 120's.
  2. Thanks

    I think I will get the 140 mm fan for the side for now as thats the largest I can put there, unfortunately the other fan slots on my case are all for 120mm so I will have to stick with that size and replace my silent ones with performance. I've been looking at the Silverstone Air Penetrator fans for the intakes as they seem to be highly recommended.

    Hadn't considered the lower RPM thing but now you say it it does seem obvious, thanks!
  3. Yeah. Well I personally love the Silverstone FM121's.. I have two of them on my Hyper212. I had two of them on my GeminII in 2008.. The two I had from then, still operational like day 1. Never had a single Silverstone fan go down; and I'll stick with them until I do. But the condition of my old 121's, they don't look likely to fail anytime soon in the little box they are in now.

    Only problem with them is having to mod them for other fan controllers. They are Molex plugs from the factory and well, you void their warranty if you start splicing like I did. :)
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