Asus M4A785-M new build

New build with a USB stick containing Ubuntu gets the message - "Reboot & select proper boot device". I have again and again. I guess I will have to go to trouble of getting a DVD and trying to load Ubuntu.....unless Ubuntu has been moved to the hard drive and now I need to change the boot priority to hard drive first? I want to take this new computer for a spin but can't get in.
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  1. Change the boot priority in the following order and disable boot from other device. This you need to do in the BIOS, do not forget to save and restart

    First Priority : DVD Drive
    Second Priority : HDD
    Third : Disabled

    Boot From Other Device : Disabled

    Then Insert the Bootable Ubuntu Disc in our DVD drive and let it boot
  2. I changed the Boot Priority Device to SanDisk CRUZE Usb stick. Next, changed Hard Drives to SanDisk CRUZE USB stick as no. 1. The BIOS recognizes a USB stick as a hard drive. After loading from the USB stick to the hard drive, you of course remove the USB stick and change the BIOS to giving the hard drive priority. Now I have handle BIOS update? Driver update? Unlock a Sempron 140 to dual core?
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