Posible to install new mobo and retain previos raid array?

I am getting ready to install a new Asus m4a87td/usb 3 to replace my old ASUS M2NSLI Deluxe. I currently have 2 drives in a striped RAID array, I know when I install the new board I will have to reconfigure the RAID on the MOBO, but if I am remembering correctly, building the array required me to erase the drives. Any chance the drives can be used in RAID without dumping everything so that I don't have to re-install my life afterwords?
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  1. Your best bet would be to Ghost/Clone your drive, install the new RAID setup fresh (wipe drives) and reinstall the Ghost/Clone drive.

    Just make sure to do a regular backup of all your data before attempting Ghosting/Cloning in case it doesn't work. This way if it doesn't work, you can still do a fresh re-install of the RAID.
  2. Clone the striped pair to a third drive, and try to boot the new mobo with that. I'm assuming you've checked to make sure the drivers are the same on the new mobo, and that your old OS will transfer gracefully.

    If not, check Acronis True Image 2011 for cloning and their add-on module that claims to facillitate this kind of system migration.
  3. hmmm, well, I don't have a single third drive big enough to clone the entire drive, neither do I have the cash to buy one, I do have a smaller external, so I guess I will just back up all my files to that, also trying out Carbonite online backup... PAINFULLY SLOW!! As far as OS and drivers goes, I think I'll be ok, using Win 7 64Bit, it seems to just have all raid drivers built in and just works like magic!
    Thanks for the input!
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