BIOS mod, increase virtual RAM?

I have an Acer V3 551 8887 laptop. I'd like to increase the amount of virtual RAM my integrated GPU uses. (I play 3d games with 720p graphics, and I have 8gbs of RAM)
Where can I find a modded BIOS that could do this, otherwise, can I make one myself?
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    Let's put this the easiest way I know how. Basically there would need to be an insane following on that model in particular. Then you'd have to have a team who are willing to risk the laptops to do research and development on and not to mention test units just to figure out if the settings work without any harm.

    Basically the point here is if you already set it to the max in the BIOS, that's probably all you'll ever get out of it. Modding a BIOS is a LOT of work and there aren't many people out there that even know where to begin on doing such a job.
  2. Thanks for your reply... Do you know any other way to increase the RAM shared with my gpu?
  3. Maybe you could search the model of the card and see if there is any way. I highly doubt it though as most integrated chips have a setable amount in the BIOS and that's it.
  4. So I should search for the model of the graphics card?
  5. Vram is video ram not virtual ram. On top of the 512mb that it is already taking from your system ram, windows should be sharing 1.5-3gb. You can check how much it is sharing in dxdiag. That is more than the gpu will ever use. More vram is not the issue as the gpu is just too weak.
  6. Quote:
    Vram is video ram not virtual ram.

    Thanks for the correction.
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