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Ok, so Im building my first HTPC. Here are the capabilities I require...

1) Read video_ts files
2) Play hulu and netflix. Im looking for a mobo that can do hulu full screen--I know their flash player has some problems with hardware acceleration.
3)excellent picture quality-- full 1080p on a 52" hdtv

1) Upgrade to windows 7
2) TV tuner for OTA and/or Cable tv with recording
3) bd-rom

This is what i have
52" Samsug HDTV
80gb hard drive for windows and programs. media to be on another HDD.

Here's what i think i will be needing.

mobo- GA-MA785-UD2H
Chassis- nmedia 2000b
Memory- Cheap 2x2gb
dvd-rw cheap liteon product LiteOn iHAP322
PSU- atx 600w
cpu fan- ?

Im really looking to see if my mobo can handle what I want to do.

Also, what kind of cpu will I need? I was thinking Athlon II.

Thanks i really appreciate everyones help sofar
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  1. 1. Yes i would go with AthlonII X2/X3 and a wee bit of under volting in BIOS or K10Stat/PhenoMSRTweaker
    2. Hmm not sure how flexible u are casing wise but when i do up HTPCs, etc some actually prefer shoe boxes with the ability to house a long powerful single GPU in case they get bitten by the gaming bug hehe

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