Will 4 18a rails support an HD 5750?

Will an OCZ StealthXStream 700W with 4 x 12v 18a rails be enough for an ati HD 5750?
(heres the link to the OCZ 700W )
Will this give me problems in the future when I want to upgrade to a higher end card? Thanks, my soon-to-be computer specs are below.
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  1. Yes, easily.
  2. And it will work great for the future as well. That would easily handle a 5870 too.
  3. Perfect :) Thanks.
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    Yep, and a little side note for the future, don't worry too much about the individual rail amperages, only about the +12V amperage in total (in most cases those aren't real distinct 'rails').

    This one does hide it by not giving that alone, but I'd imagine it is at least 400-500W. Part of that does go to CPUs and drives, fans, etc., but being extremely conservative I'd say you still would have 250-350W left over which could probably power a 5970! So you should have plenty of headroom for the future.
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