Coolant Additives

What should I add to water to make it a "true" coolant?
Also, what's so bad about dyes? Another thing is I heard about something called "Liquid Ice" coolant, is that any good?
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  1. Nothing is the simple answer, water is the best coolant available until you start thinking about liquid metals,
    dyes are particles suspended in a solution (the water) and as such they can detach themselves from the water molecules onto your tubing or blocks, if the buildup is allowed to continue you get stained tubing and clogged blocks which is not good
    Liquid ice as in this stuff?
    I wouldn't think its a good idea, maybe email them and ask wht the thermal transference rating is compared to distilled water, but remember, anything you add to water detracts from the waters cooling capability
    plain distilled water, Uv light and or killcoil,
    all you need
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