Use of email account for additional storage method??

I use Fbackup for security & backup on a weekly basis: 1 major folder, and 2 smaller sets of files, backed up to HDD, external HDD and USB. So far, so good.

I would like to add a fourth ‘layer’ of security—internet storage in one of my email accounts—over and above the present, mainly mechanical devices. This especially for my folder, now around 1.5GB as a zip file.

I would like to know:

i) if others here utilise an email account as an additional storage method?
ii) if so, how you go about it, and if there have been any issues that have arisen with this?

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  1. not quite sure what you mean by using an email account.

    Are you planning on emailing the 1.5GB file?
  2. Hmmm...I've never done this before, so not too sure.

    But, I guess that what I mean is upload a 1.5GB (for the moment) file, and emailing it to myself, or chosen other email address.

    The question becomes then: can I upload files of this size, & can files of this size be sent via email??

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    1. you cant email files that big from any pop email.
    2. look into MSN Skydrive, may be able to fit a zip file into the space they provide.

    Good luck!
  4. ^ Excellent idea. I think the first 5 gig is free for skydrive. It's part of windows live I beleive.
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