Need help to oc fx 8350 + ram

hello guys i am new in all these stuffs i tried to oc my ram but i failed,i cleared my cmos then again tried again failed. In Bios my ram frequency showing 1333Mhz and i have 1866Mhz i tried ram voltage to 1.5v didn't work. i want to overlock my fx 8350. my cpu specs are
Crosshair V formula-Z
G.skills Ripjaws X F3-14900CL10S-8GBXL (i have 16 GB ram)
hyper 212 evo cooling

i want to overlock my processor and ram for my VFX and gaming purposes.
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  1. Don't bother OCing the RAM, just added stability issues with almost no performance gain...

    Set your RAM manually to 1866MHz in your BIOS, that will bring your RAM to spec...

    As for your processor OC, that easy... Give you a guide now...
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