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I have just ordered this pc from Overclockers UK

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It comes with a 400w PSU which much be enough to run the system overwise they wouldn't see it, but will I be able to run dual monitors aswell, I have a 26inch and 17inch HDMI Monitors

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  1. yeah it looks good
  2. Thanks obsidian86, does that rig look good enough to run the lastest games on?
  3. it should max most games on a 16x10
  4. Would anyone else like to comfirm that this psu would run this system fine with two monitors, I did a psu calculator on ASUS website and they said this system needs about 260w MAX Power with everything running 100%, so it seems like it will be fine, last thing I want is to blow a part or the whole system just because I have to HD monitors running.

  5. I don't see why your concerned. Monitor have their own PSU, they don't run off the computers PSU. The Corsair 400W is a good PSU, and will handle your components just fine.
  6. Thanks 4745454b, It was just a friend of mine said that when you connect a monitor it uses some of the computer power to run, and said that it wouldn't be able to handle 2 monitors at once and could blow, thats why I thought I would ask you guys as you know more about computers, thanks for your replies.
  7. The worst you could do is cause your GPU to work a bit harder trying to display an image on both screens. This shouldn't be a problem however as the Corsair 400W has plenty of the power that the 5770 needs.
  8. Thanks 474545b, I can't believe you've been a member of these forums for 40 years, lol thats twice my age.
  9. All of us "old timers" have a join date of 1970. Its a bug in the system. I think I really joined back in my college days of the late 1990s. Been using these things since I was a kid working on my 286.
  10. Bloody hell, thats still a long time, but just shows how effect these forums are if people have been he for 3 decades, Its good to have somewhere to go and ask the questions you don't know and get a legit answer from someone who does know.

    Thanks again.
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