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Hey Gang,

Came across this the last couple of nights and wondered if this is a known issue (maybe causing other issues).

Being bored, I decided a couple nights ago to reload the Collector's Edition of Doom. Once I got it tweaked to run under Windows 7 (XP Mode at 640x480), I was doing fine for the first couple of minutes and then, for lack of a better term, my screen went, "Pastel"; all kinds of bright and ugly colors. I could still see what was going on in game and the game still operated fine. It was just more difficult to see what was happening and just plain looked bad.

So tonight, I fire it up again and got a bit further than I did last night before the screen went to hell again. This time, I saved my game, exited, restarted, and reloaded the game. When the game loaded, all looked normal again. After about 10 minutes, the game screen went pastel again. Save, Exit, Restart, Reload again and all is well for about another 10 minutes. Fast forward three more times. The last two, I noticed the system clock was on a 10 minute increment of the hour, which is the same amount of time I have set between my Desktop Slideshow changes (the screen changed on a 10 minute increment of the hour as well).

The deduction, the Slideshow desktop is the cause of my graphics anomaly.

So I'm wondering:

1) Is this a known issue and I'm just the last to hear about it?
2) Is this only because I'm running a seriously older game (Doom Collector's Edition)
3) Is this pastel discoloration just a lighter symptom of game crashes/errors that others experience in newer games?

The rig I'm running this on is also quite old:

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
AMD Athlon X2-4800+
2x1GB DDR400 RAM
22" Widescreen @1680x1050
Windows 7 Ultimate

Just tossing this out for your thoughts/comments

-Wolf sends
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  1. 1) I haven't heard of this before
    2) I wonder if it is due to XP Mode, as XP Mode doesn't have a real video driver (just uses generic) so I'm not sure how much it can do. For older games, especially DOS ones, I usually use DosBox since it emulates the older drivers.
    3) I have never experienced this in any games.
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