Help ID Yate Loon & BaoDiKai 80mm fans CFM specs

Have a cheapie power supply, sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I want to replace the fans, so I took it apart to see what they are, there are 2 80mm x 25 fans.

I have lots of fans; this is the first time I cannot find specs for two fans, can anyone help? I can only get Russian ebay sites selling them with no info.

I just need to know the CFM ratings, so I can replace them with quieter ones but with enough airflow.

They are:

Bao Di Kai
Model: BDM 8025S

Yate Loon
8025H 12

I couldn't believe there is nothing on the net for at least the Yate Loon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Judging by the part numbers you gave, I'd guess the Yate Loon is 80MM, 25MM, 12CFM. Just a guess though.
  2. Thanks, but the 12 just stands for 12 volts
  3. Certain? I've seen a number of case fans have the CFM in the model number. Either way, pretty much any decent 80mm should be just fine in there.
  4. I'm pretty sure you are not correct, maybe not certain. You said yourself you are just guessing, so I'll look for someone who knows. The H probably stands for high speed, and 12 CFM would be extremely low. It's loud. Also, not enough air moving through a cheap power supply will burn it up fast, I really want to match it up for safety, and accuracy.

    Simply replacing fans without knowing what you are doing is a recipe for disaster, both with a power supply and a cpu heatsink.

    Thanks for your comments, though.
  5. Ah yes, the good old salvage of a Raidmax. The path you take is entirely up to you, but really, most 80's average around 40CFM-ish. If you're trying to get some exact details, might be a hair better for you.
  6. Hey, no offense, but would you please not assume I'm dumb and haven't tried the obvious. I checked their web site first, checked the model numbers on the web, understand the size numbers (after all, I physically have the fans) etc. or I would not be asking for someone's better knowledge of what the CFM's are. Please stop replying, jack.
  7. I'll stop replying, if you'll stop being ridiculously naive. Any 2000rpm 80mm fan will move plenty of air to keep up with the old ones. They were stuck in a generic PSU, I doubt they're anything special.

    I'm not certain what you really expected to get out of this post, but we'll just go ahead and see if some Yate Loon empoyees (or kids that try to fix 12$ PSU's) read your post. Good day.
  8. Sorry, just looking for the specs on the fans, namely CFM, that's all. Not to justify why.

    Any one familiar with these fans above?
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