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I have a NF750 - G55 MSI motherboard. I recently bought two 275 evga co-op cards, and yet they will not power up my monitor. I can hear vista starting through the speakers, buts that's it. Do they make a SLI ready amd3, ddr3 board that will work with this #&^! card? I called MSI, and EVGA . . . they cannot even answer my questions! PLEASE HELP!

And yes, the on-board vga chip set is dis-abled.
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  1. Try plugging the cable into each of the output ports on the back of the cards.

    Does it work with one card?

    Is this a new build? If not, what was the old card and did you uninstall the drivers?

    What happens if you "blind" log in?

    What happens if you plug the monitor into the onboard?
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