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Thinking of building a new PC primarily for use with Photoshop and some other niche photography software. I've put together a list of components below. Appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Intel Core i3 530 Processor
OCZ 4Gb DDR3-1600 RAM
Asus P7H55-M Pro Motherboard
Coolermaster eXtreme 600W PSU
Thermaltake WingRS 201 Mid Tower Case
BFG Geforce 9800 GT 1Gb Graphics Card
WD Caviar 1Tb SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive
IOMagic 22x DVD-RW
Acer X223H 23" Monitor
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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  1. I assembled a desktop for photography and video using photoshop and Premiere Elements.
    It didn't like the OCZ 1600 memory sticks or the Enermax Revolution power supply. OCZ memory sticks require 1.65 v to work at advertised settings.
    I got a matched set of 12gb 1300 Corsair memory and a Corsair 850 watt modular power supply. The Corsair memory was guaranteed to work at the stock 1.5 volt setting, mother board instructions said not to raise voltage if all the memory slots were filled.
    Photoshop says in it instructions that it may not perform well if overclocked.
    You will need a second hard drive to use as a "scratch" drive in the adobe programs, unless you enjoy hearing the hard drive thrash around while encoding.
    I also got the corsair water cooling hf50. Every time I started to make DVD's, the cpu fan would kick into high speed and the processor heated up, then the heat sink would get clogged up with dust, the noise was very loud.
    I bought a BFG 295GTX graphics card, another mistake, great for games, not photography. Replaced that with an ATI Firepro 9700. No more jagged edges on the JPEG's.
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