Which is better card gtx260 or 9800gtx

I am looking to upgrade my video card which is better card gtx260 or 9800gtx?
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  1. GTX260 by a long shot. Check out the Toms Hardware GPU charts for a quick comparison, or google GTX260 reviews. Note, the 9800GTX is now called the GTX250.
  2. +1 GTX 260
  3. Neither, 5770... 260s are climbing in price, and last time i checked at least where im from, those 9800gtxs are expensive... very...
  4. GTX 260

    But yeah..Price is tad high.
  5. 9800gtx+ doesnt even give any competetion to gtx 260...but i'll suggest u get a radeon 5xxx series card (choose one accordint to ur budget) coz of dx11
  6. There still is very little justification for a dx11 card at the moment, but if you're planning on using this rig for a while, I would say wait until next month, price drops, new cards, and so forth.

    but GTX260 is much better than the 9800GTX, 9800GTX + or the renamed GTS250(which is the 9800GTX+)
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