New computer need help with PS

Hello All I am buying a new system

I 5 750 cpu
Intel DP55WG board
4 gb 1333 memory Kingston
Antec 200 mid tower with 650 w earthwatt PS
160gb seagate HD
500gb Seagate HD (Slave)
Plextor 806sa burner
Lg super multiDVD burner
Asus geforce GTS 250 1gb
Windows 7 premium 64 bit

This system is for music and video photos mostly not much gaming.

My question is do I need a 650 w power supply and did I do alright in general for $1200 Canadian
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  1. Uh, I don't know how prices are in Canada, but you could build the same for ~$900USD, or $950 Canadian.
    But I wouldn't recommend getting a GTS 250 in the first place though. Have you bought the parts already?
    600W should be fine for that build.
  2. No I haven't got anything yet . Whats wrong with 250gts benchs seem fine low power and quite.
  3. I personally like to aim high with my psu's so I'd go with a 7-800ish. Keeps avenues open later down the line for upgrades.
  4. Thanks and I thought 650 was high. Most on here seem to prefer ATI over nvidia but they are so hard to find is that a proplem everywhere?
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