Tamper-proof Stickers Missing?

Hi, while shopping for a new mobo, I saw this Asus P6X58D-E mobo at my local computer shop on sale for $215. The box didn't have tamper-proof stickers. Should there be tamper-proof stickers or is this an open-box?
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  1. I havent seen any tamper proof stickers for years on boards I've ordered online..

    my 2cents
  2. I have only seen stickers added by shops, not manufacturers. Probably because we like to look at the board and layout before we purchase. Stickers are usually used to protect the product from theft. Now instead, Big stores often use empty boxes for display. This may be the case. If you are concerned, the anti-static bag inside the box will usually have a sticker as a seal. Check for this.
  3. I'd say it's mostly the shops who do, and wouldn't worry. I've recently got one without amy tamper proof tape and it's fine.
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