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I built a new pc with the coolermaster haf 922 case and gigabytes Ga-x58a-ud5 mobo. Whenever i plug my headphones into the front headphone jack i get popups in windows 7 that basically say ive plugged in and unplugged the device. They go off constantly. I also noticed in the HD audio controls that the microphone jack says it being used when i plug something into the headphone jack but it looks like its being enabled and disabled constantly. Im thinking i have a bad front panel board, but could it possibly be a mobo issue. i installed latest driver and it didnt fix it. Any ideas??
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  1. I am having a similar problem with a 922 but with a Amd 785g Gigabyte board.The ac97 doesn't do anything and I have hooked up the azalia and all I get is hardware connected then disconnected. I'm not sure what to make of it.
  2. i read somewhere to chk bios audio settings. I thought i had mine set right but maybe im wrong. im going to chk tomorrow
  3. Azalia gives me same issue. , connected and disconnected constantly . I read the customer review at new egg and one of them mentions the same problem. He said he changed settings in gigabytes sound manager and it corrected the problem . I still cant get it to work though. In the HD audio manager my rear speakers say there my front panel and ive got both my headphones and speakers working , but at the same time. Now when i plug both mic and headphones in the HD audio manager thinks im using the center/subwoofer back panel jack. So weird.
  4. I was wondering if you ever got this corrected. I am having the same problem with my Haf X case.
  5. i contacted gigabyte and coolermaster and got no where with both of them. I eventually got coolermaster to send me a new front panel for my case and it fixed it for the most part but i was still unable to get it to work 100%. I ended up using my replacement plan at microcenter and got a new motherboard. Originally i had a rev1.0 mobo and the replacement one was a rev2.0 board. I havent had any problems now that i have the new board. But i also think there was a new driver released so i dont know if the new board corrected the problem or if the driver did.
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