New build - what length SATA cables?

I'm building a new system with this case and motherboard and three drives (CD/DVD will be at top). What length SATA cables should I order so I don't come up too short or have too much excess? A link to good cheap cables from Newegg would be most helpful. :)
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  1. Well I found out my MB comes with 2 SATA cables which should reach the hard drives. So I just added one of these to my order for the CD/DVD. Since my case 18" high and the CD/DVD is at the top and ports at the bottom I chose 20". Rather have too long than too short.
  2. And, just in case you decide to strap your desktop to your back and use it on the go, you have latches on the SATA cables!

    No seriously, those should be perfect. I usually buy mine a little longer than necessary, the flat cables are pretty easy to fold across themselves and hide nicely.
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