How to share a USB modem with other computers?

Greetings, I'm in a bit of trouble, the guy next door has drilled over my cable in the wall and without it for a few weeks, so I got a USB modem from 3 (the company name), the problem is I can't figure out how to share it between my 2 laptops and my main computer, they are normally connected through a linksys router, but I have been trying to play around a bit with sharing internet connection or connect the two laptops together (those are the most important). any one able to help me share the USB modem between the computers? please help ^^
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  1. Google for a Mifi.
  2. would like to avoid buying a new router since I get my normal net back in a few weeks :/
  3. Good luck setting up Windows ICS. It will probably take you 2 weeks to get it working.
  4. ICS isn't that difficult to set up ! Faced with a similar situation (hopeless Tiscali USB modem with no ethernet connector). I ran a crossover ethernet from the computer that was connected to the modem to the client computer. Turned off all firewalls and set it up according to Windows Help. Occasionally flaked out after that -- but you only need it as a temporary solution.

    However, if the 3 unit is a mobile phone type modem there may be added complications I'm not aware of.
  5. You set up your desktop (or what ever computer is connected to the modem) to share the internet, to your Ethernet port, then plug that in to the WAN port of the router.
    the router should be able to share that connection to the rest of the computers over wireless or direct connect.

    note, the router will block the computer that has the modem plugged in to it, because it is out side the network, so your will not be able to do any thing over the network like sharing printers or files. until you plug it back in to a normal port on the router. Likely it is just temporary
  6. connect the modem to the desktop
    run the network set up wizard and select the choice that says this computer conects directly to the internet other computers connect to the internet thru it.
    save the settings on a flashdisk and run it on the laptops
    restart them if necessary. run an ethernet cable from the pc to a switch then plug in the laptops.
  7. A USB ADSL modem can be shared between two or more computers. The process of sharing a connection is identical to what you do to share a dialup modem connection between two or more machines.

    How do I share the connection?

    The simplest method with a PC running Win98SE or Windows 2000 and the USB modem connected is:

    Install a network card in the machine with the USB modem

    Enable Internet Connection Sharing (comes with Win98SE and Win2000) for the USB modem connection.

    Install a network card in the computers you wish to connect and set it to obtain its IP configuration via Dynamic allocation (DHCP).

    ICS stands for ‘Internet Connection Sharing'. It comes as standard with Windows 98SE and Windows 2000.
  8. If the USB connection to the internet is the only network connection going on with the laptop, go to Windoze Network Connections and "Bridge" the USB connection to another Ethernet port in the laptop. Connect that Ethernet port to your router at a standard port (not the "Uplink" or "Internet" port) using a standard patch cable. Go surf internet on any other computer connected to that router.

    Grumpy9117 is right about getting Windows ICS to work... Don't bother unless you are really, really, bored someday.
  9. I should have said to do this with whichever computer has the internet connection, not necessarily the laptop.

  10. You can use connectify to share your internet model either lan (cable) or usb model. You can download connectify from their website
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