1090T/Vengeance Overclocking

I had first overclocked this computer a couple years ago and had it stable. Recently, my cmos somehow was reset and I have had issues with booting where 1/3 the time it fails to load past the beep code stage of bootup, but without giving beep codes; just so you understand the issues I am having, even at default settings, less the freq now set at 16.

What I want to do is put my cpu up to or past 3.8, and understand my memory timings and voltages so I can have a stable overclock. All the guides I have read tell me what items represent and tell me max temperatures and voltages. However, no guide I have read tells me what to adjust memory timings too (for example) or how to balance frequency with voltage, etc., on my CPU, for a stable overclock.

I had after the reset put my cpu ratio at 18.5 for a 3.8 reading my cpu, then setting the voltage to 1.4. My temps were ok, and the errors I got were windows related, not system crash related. However, the boot issue still stuck around. I might have dead ram and will find out tonight.

If you can tell me here or point me in the right direction, that would rock. I generally understand overclocking, but not the intricacies that allow me to balance the system stability. All I did before was trial and error (which I realize is inevitable) of frequency and voltage balancing. But I read recently a lot of my issues may be because of my memory timings or damages components. Untill I run a memtest tonight, I hope to get some feedback.

Phenom II x6 1090T
Crosshair IV Formula
Corsair Vengeance 1600 (2 x 4gb)
850 Watt PSU (Corsair)
Radeon 6950 in crossfire (not unlocked)
RAID0 SSDs - Corsair

Thanks guys
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  1. Actually very helpful. I appreciate it.
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