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thread title plus q6600 quad core, ocz reaper 2x2gb, and a 9800gtx+ OC (BFG factory oc).
Nowww, a bit tired at the mo so please ask for more information if needed, probably forgot some things.

I've been testing out the OCing lately, first time but I've got a grasp on it, i had one of the sticks out of the pc for over a year because i thought it was faulty, turning the ram voltage up a tiny amount sorted that out >.>.

My main problem at the moment is that everything runs fine but occasionally get, no scratch that quite often get a milisecond artifact and then the game freezes, with older games, say from cod 4 and older, ctrl+alt+del then pressing cancel and going back ingame will unfreeze it. with modern games, bf: bad company 2 for example, it needs to be closed.

I tried underclocking my card back down to stocks for the 9800gtx+, that *seemed* to make these freezes occur less. Tried underclocking ram, nothing, cpu, nothing. Now the thing is im not really sure if underclocking the video card made it less prone to freezing, so if anyone has any ideas whether im missing some software, reinstalled lately to upgrade from rc win 7 to release version so only have bare essentials. this freezing happened before the reinstall though so confuzzled to the max.

basically does anyone recognise these symptoms, freezing but in relatively older games can be ver easily un-frozen by ctrl+alt+del and cancelling. i say very easily, its still smegging annoying >.>.
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  1. What's your vcore at? If your vcore is a tad too low, sometimes you'll have that microstuttering. Sometimes really terrible, sometimes not. I'd try and kick it up a notch or two and see if that helps.
  2. thing is ive adjusted that a fair few times at varying clock speeds, it seems to be underperforming for a q6600 as i have to jack the voltage up a fair amount to get 3ghz stable(prime95), ive left the voltage up at what it needs for 2.8ish when its underclocked down to 2.4. basically what ive done with the ram as well.

    ill try up it a a bit more, although what voltage should i start worrying at? i guess the temp is more where i should be worrying.
  3. What's your vcore at right now, and what revision of Q do you have? For a reference, I have a Q6600 G0 that's at 3.2Ghz with stock voltage, but I've heard the B3's need some more juice. CPUZ will tell you what revision you have.

    EDIT: Didn't see your question about temps. The Q6600 G0 has a max temp of 70.1C, and the B3 has a max of 62.2C. If it's a B3, I wouldn't want to break 50C or so, a G0 would probably be safe somewhere around 60. My G0 never breaks 50C under prime95, usually ~40C when gaming. I wouldn't take that chip above 1.4, especially on air. Try 1.35 or so and see what that give you.
  4. g0, i upped it even more after your comment to 1.39** its vdroop puts it at like 1.37, clocked to 2.4ish rams down below 800. still did it.

    thing is, after that i reset to default settings, stopped evga loading to put that back to default and only changed my ram voltage as the spd doesnt have correct voltage for it, and there were no glitches of any kind, id ruled out anything related to overclocking before with my extreme underclocking measures, vat ze fook :/

    I guess id accidentally changed something and forgotten about it, i noticed before i reset to defaults that the power saving multiplier step down feature wasnt doing anything just at desktop after booting up, so yeah.

    as a final question, thanks for your help so far anyways, related to that thing i said earlier about my q6600 seeming to be underperforming;
    taking my vcore high enough to achieve just 3ghz puts it too high for my taste, would taking my vtt voltage higher let me keep my vcore at an acceptable amount as ive never changed that value before.
    i read somewhere the vtt voltage had to be within .5 of the rams voltage, which it isnt even at stock settings which isnt affecting anything, so can i safely raise vtt to help get 3ghz?
  5. VTT may help, I've never messed with it. I'm not a super overclocking guru, so I can't say for sure and wont recommend anything I wouldn't do to my machine...

    A quick google says VTT sometimes helps, but maybe someone can help me out there. What voltage do you need to get to 3? It's possible you're just unlucky with your G0 and it doesn't feel like working with you too.
  6. scratch that, started happening at defaults again : d
  7. uggggggggggggh, loosened ram timing to 5/6/6/24 with voltage at 2.2, nope. underclocked videocard to 600 mhz(linked with shader so that was down as well) video memory to 900mhz, another nope. i am at a loss :/

    uhh, does this sound like a video card on its way out, its very unlikely but i accidentally hit the board with a screwdriver when cleaning the big cooler strapped onto it, easy to be paranoid about those kinda things when you think you';ve exhausted all the other possibilitys though, probably just hit the board and nothing else.

  8. anyone got any ideas?

    tryed swapping a mates old 6800 gs in to test if these strange artifact type things happen, they didn't, but i don't know if it's conclusive since i was testing games like bf2 with everything on low @ 1024/768 just to get playable fps.
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